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Accent Landscapes Serves Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region

For thirty-five years Accent Landscapes has been fortunate enough to serve customers in the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Region. During that time we have had the privilege of working with a great number of wonderful clients where we have been able to create custom outdoor environments for plants and people to grow together. Accent Landscape has been chosen three times by Best of Springs as one of the best Landscape Designers in Colorado Springs. We take the time to get to know each client, learning important details about how they will interact with their landscape environment. Details as small and simple as favorite colors, family activities, and plant allergies are important to us in the landscape design process.

Landscaping Ideas and Trends for the Colorado Springs Area

Front of House Landscaping for House in Colorado Springs, CO

With an average of 300 sunny days a year in the Colorado Springs area, it’s no surprise people are looking for ways to incorporate their lifestyle with their landscape, and find ways to enjoy more time outdoors. It’s important to think about how you imagine interacting with your landscape. Your outdoor living space should suit…

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Landscape Design

Our landscape design team will bring your outdoor living space to life. Explore how our design process works.

Water Features

See how water can add beauty, sound, and movement in to your environment.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can create more functional space in your landscape design.

Outdoor Living

Explore how to expand your home’s living space into your own backyard.

Patio & Pavers

View the different materials that can be used for driveways, walkways, and outdoor living spaces.


Check out some videos that display Landscape Design, Fire Pits, and Flagstone Design.

Innovative Design Process

Our innovative design process allows us to create custom environments to fit their lifestyle needs. Once a plan is in place our team is prepared to build landscapes of any scope. Our projects range from as small and intimate as a patio to projects as large as multi-family dwellings throughout the Colorado Springs area. If you have a landscape renovation project in mind then Accent Landscapes can provide you with an action plan to help you upgrade with new ideas while keeping the elements you are comfortable with maintaining. Our design team will create plans to include:

So whether it is having a glass of ice tea on the patio in the warm Colorado sun or hot chocolate near the fire pit in the cool of the evening, our goal is to understand your lifestyle and create a landscape to fit your needs. If it is a new home or landscape renovation project, large or small, think Accent Landscapes. We Bring Outdoor Living to Life!

Customer Reviews on Google

Reviews and Testimonials

4.8 Rating on Google. View our Google Reviews.

Accent Landscapes did a wonderful job regrading and designing our entire back yard and half our front yard. We needed to correct bad drainage across our lot that jeopardized our foundation and basement apartment. Literally the next day after they finished, the Seattle monsoon weather descended and the new design worked perfectly keeping water away from our house. The heavy rains overcame some of the designs, which they promptly came back and fixed after everything dried out. It was no fault of theirs that some of the design features failed as nobody could have predicted that much rain all at once. We were lucky that we had such knowledgeable professionals taking pride in their work. Our yard is gorgeous and our house is safe. Our neighbors are impressed. Life is good.

Roger is very attentive and very professional. It started off with a great architectural plan. He encourages you to do some of the work if you want to do it, however I feel it is best to have his crew do everything because they are extremely good workers. You won't look out while they are on duty and see them calling their girlfriends on their cell phones. They pay attention to what they're doing and Roger has all the equipment needed and all the contacts needed to get the job done 100% from beginning to end. I love my new front yard. We changed from a huge green lawn two more of a Cottage Garden landscape. Our water bill will be greatly reduced. Rodger wants to make sure that you are completely satisfied and after everything was installed I realized I didn't like a few plants and there were no issues about trading some of them out because as he put it " I want you to love your yard." And now I do. Accent Landscapes is probably not the cheapest Landscape Company but it's better than getting an amateur "Chuck in a Truck" to do the work. You get what you pay for.
Jolene Christopherson

Accent Landscaping Inc. is a great company for your landscaping needs. They will do as promised. They start the job when they say they will, and finish on time. The team stays in contact with you all the way through. They created a wonderful 5ft high X 60ft long x 20ft deep berm with mulch, boulders, and eighteen huge evergreens to screen out the newly built house behind ours. Now I have my privacy back...and a great view. Roger and his team certainly met my needs. Thanks Accent Landscaping Inc.

Get More Landscaping Ideas, Tips, and Information

Residential Landscape in Autumn with Leaves turning colors

Landscape Maintenance Tips and Advice for the Fall Season

September 26, 2019

Fall has come, and your landscape might not be the first thing on your mind. Have you have invested a lot of time, energy, and money in your residential landscape design? You will want to take a look at these tips and advice to help your landscape look great year round. Watering and Sprinkler System…

Water friendly landscape design

4 Landscape Design Tips to Make Your Landscape More Water Friendly

August 27, 2019

Growing Water Conservation Efforts in Colorado Springs With the Colorado Springs area expected to continue experiencing the rapid growth we’ve become accustomed to in recent years, water conservation efforts in the Colorado Springs area will only continue to grow. Water Restrictions Colorado Springs and the Front Range are in a semi-arid climate zone, and water…

Outdoor patio great for summer BBQ

Barbecue Recipes for Your Outdoor Living Space

August 1, 2019

Nothing says summer like a barbecue! There’s just something about good food, family and friends, and being outdoors that combines to feel like “summer”. There’s also no better way to get out and enjoy your outdoor living space than to get out and start cooking. If you’re looking for some new and interesting ideas for…

Planting Bed Using Plants Native to Colorado Springs, Colorado

Native Plants for Landscape Design in Colorado

June 27, 2019

Sustainability in landscaping continues to gain traction and an ever growing focus with each passing year, and for good reason. Gone are the days when expansive turf areas made up the majority of landscapes.  Colorado Springs and the Front Range are classified as a semi-arid climate, and at times have been subject to water restrictions.…

This Siloam stone path through a mulched garden bed offers form and function.

Flagstone Patio Installation and Design Ideas

May 31, 2019

If you’re looking for a DIY project that’s sure to brighten up your landscape and provide function, installing a flagstone path or patio might be for you. Colorado Springs has a wide variety of flagstones that come from different quarries, and with so many different colors, textures, and styles of install, there is a flagstone…

This rustic landscape features a large decorative boulder and cobble dry creek bed that accent the planting areas beautifully.

Garden Design Ideas for Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Region

April 26, 2019

When planning your landscape design, hardscaped areas like a patio typically get the greatest focus. After all, you’re hoping to spend a good deal of time enjoying it. People often picture their turf area as well, eager to ensure it’s going to be the right size for the kids to enjoy. In a well thought…