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Landscape Design with Water Features

A water feature can be a delightful addition to a landscape. Water features add an element of both sound and movement to your outdoor space. This provides many benefits. A water feature can serve as a stunning focal point, and the sound of moving water has a peaceful effect. The sound of babbling water can be calming, and serves to reduce noise pollution from nearby traffic. They can also be designed as a habitat for koi or aquatic plants for water gardeners. A water feature can help to create the perfect space to relax and unwind.

Water features are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Water features are very water friendly, by recirculating the water within the feature. The water needed to maintain a water feature is typically less than to maintain a piece of lawn which covers the same surface area. Water features can be integrated into any size landscape project, and will provide lasting value and enjoyment.

Water feature with stream, bridges, and water falls.
Water feature with stream, bridges, and water falls.

Types of Water Features:

Outdoor Fountains

Fountains are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes. They can be easily integrated into most any design, introducing water into the landscape along with a touch of style that reflects the overall landscape.

Bubbling Rock Features

Bubbling rocks come in all sizes, but are often a nice way to incorporate water into a smaller space. They provide a natural feel. The bubbling water feature can also work well with gardening pots or any other vessel you can think of, for a truly one of a kind water feature.

Pondless Water Features

If space is lacking in your yard or you have concerns with an open pond, then a pondless water feature is a great choice. It can incorporate waterfalls and/or streams, but without the pond.

Natural Stone Water Features

All natural stone water features we build are a one of a kind, build to fit into the landscape and topography. Depending on how much elevation there is to work with in your yard we can create cascading creeks, waterfalls and pools. We are often able to create some elevation through the use of berms and retaining, making this a possibility even in relatively flat areas.

Formal Water Features

The use of man-made materials such as concrete, pavers, and manufactured stone can be used to create any water feature you can imagine, and can serve as a stunning focal point.

Landscape design with stone water falls, ponds, bridges, retaining walls.
Landscape design with stone water falls, ponds, bridges, retaining walls.
Small pool as water feature on patio.
Small pool as water feature on patio.

More Water Feature Design Examples

accent water feature design
Landscape design with small pool and ornamental grass.
residential water feature example
Backyard with stream and stream.