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Retaining Walls

Accent Landscapes specializes in designing and building attractive and functional retaining walls from a wide variety of materials. Colorado Springs and the Front Range region homes have varied terrain, from relatively flat to steep and rugged. Many of the homes in these areas have sloped lots that may present design challenges. These challenges are also an opportunity to create a one of a kind landscape that fits your needs and is incredibly beautiful.

Sloped lots can present concerns such as lack of useable space, safety, and a lack of curb appeal. By utilizing terracing in your landscape design and installation, a number of these concerns can be addressed. Retaining walls are a great way to create more enjoyable outdoor space. They can be used to create level spaces for patios and outdoor living areas, planting and gardening beds, play areas, or lawn space. If a lot has a great deal of slope, building multiple retaining walls can create an abundance of usable space, and tiered planting beds are an attractive way to make sure all your plants are on display. Retaining walls may also serve the important roles of stabilizing slopes that may have been prone to wash out, and to direct drainage and water runoff to ensure it exits your property and stays away from your home.

Accent Landscapes has the experience to shape terrain, and are well versed in all styles of retaining walls. We help to develop alternatives to determine the best type of retaining wall material for your home. Whatever the style and size of your retaining wall, it will be built to stand the tests of time, and stand out as a stunning addition to your landscape.

Residential stone retaining wall.
Stone retaining wall built for residence in Colorado Springs, CO.
Retaining wall built with large boulders.
Retaining wall built with large boulders.

Our professional team can design and build:

Boulder retaining walls

Natural boulders are a wonderful choice for retaining. They offer great durability and beauty. There are a variety of natural boulders available in different shapes and colors to complement different homes and landscapes.

Stacked Siloam Stone

Siloam stone is used to create colorful, stunning walls that add a very dramatic effect to any landscape. Its color range and uniformity stand out.

Moss rock walls

Moss rock provides a stacked wall that is less uniform than other options. It provides lovely color and is an excellent accent to densely planted beds and a cottage garden style design.

Manufactured Block Walls

Manufactured blocks come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. They combine great durability with a uniformity that often complements a more contemporary or modern style. Manufactured blocks also need less depth than boulder walls, and can be engineered to form taller walls.

Masonry Walls with Stone Veneer or Stucco Veneer

A retaining wall with a manufactured stone or stucco veneer offers huge variety of possible finishes, and allows the ability to match a home’s veneer. These materials are applied over masonry block construction.

More Retaining Wall Examples

front yard retaining wall
Retaining wall for front yard landscaping project in Colorado Springs, CO.
Backyad landscape design project with tiered retaining walls.
Backyad landscape design project with tiered retaining walls.
Beautiful backyard retaining walls in backyard.
Beautiful backyard retaining walls in backyard with grey boulders.
Luxury residential landscape design with retaining walls.
Luxury residential landscape design with retaining walls.