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Landscaping Ideas and Trends for the Colorado Springs Area

With an average of 300 sunny days a year in the Colorado Springs area, it’s no surprise people are looking for ways to incorporate their lifestyle with their landscape, and find ways to enjoy more time outdoors. It’s important to think about how you imagine interacting with your landscape. Your outdoor living space should suit your lifestyle and sense of style. By adding elements that are important to you and your family you can create your own personal paradise, full of comfort and functionality. Here are some ideas to help you create a beautiful landscape you’re eager to enjoy:

Give yourself a reason to spend more time in your landscape with by creating an Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living is consistently presented as a hot landscape trend, but gaining a greater focus every year, this trend isn’t going out of style. But, what is Outdoor Living? The answer will vary from person to person. Simply put, an Outdoor Living Space is and expansion of your lifestyle into your landscape. There are a multitude of elements that fall under Outdoor Living, and they can be customized to your preference. Patios, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces or fire pits, pergolas, and seating walls are just a few of the features that fall under Outdoor Living, visit our Outdoor Living Page to learn more.

Create your personal oasis with a water feature

Water features are a wonderful way to add sound and movement into your landscape. They are the perfect feature to sit and relax by. They can serve as a wonderful accent to a garden or patio, or as a large, powerful focal point. Visit our water features page to learn more about what water feature fits your style.

Water feature with stream, bridges, and water falls.
Water feature with stream, bridges, and water falls.

Blend your landscape with nature

Blending Landscape Design with Nature.
Blending Landscape Design with Nature.

There are a number of benefits to emphasizing Colorado’s natural beauty within your landscape. Especially with larger properties, and lots adjacent to opens spaces, blending with your surrounding makes your landscape right feel right at home in its natural setting. Native grass blends are a great way to accomplish this, and bring the added benefits of being water friendly and low maintenance greenery. You can still have a traditional turf lawn, but by limiting its size to an area you’ll actually use and enjoy, you’ll be cutting maintenance and water usage down drastically. Plant selections native to the region blend with surroundings pleasantly, and are better suited to deal with Colorado’s semi-arid climate.

Include your hobbies in your landscape

What better way to ensure you’ll spend more time in your landscape than incorporating hobbies and interests? If you love gardening, create a garden area that is ready to plant, with automated irrigation already installed, leaving you with ample opportunity to get your hands dirty at your convenience. If you love playing a game of horseshoes with your friends, then why not add a horseshoe pit to your outdoor space. Children’s playsets, hot tubs, and Bocce Ball courts are just a few more examples for bringing outdoor hobbies to your landscape.

Plant for all seasons

Planting design for all seasons.
Planting design for all seasons.

Choosing the right plantings are a big part of any landscape design. If you’re designing a landscape you’ll enjoy year round, plantings need to be selected to provide year round interest. We can select from a large assortment of spring and summer bloomers, and we can get a beautiful fall bloom alongside the wonderful fall colors brought with the changing of the leaves. By selecting plantings to include evergreens, winter interest shrubs like snowberries and dogwoods, and ornamental grasses, you can create a landscape that will still provide beauty even during the winter months.

Landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is the icing on the cake. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors after dark, it can make a landscape aesthetically pleasing, and also provides a function of safety, especially as you get into the winter months and the days get shorter. You can light up some beautiful stone on the exterior of a home, or we can place recessed lighting fixtures in the ground and up-light a home’s structure which washes the home with light and gives it a beautiful, warm presence. The same type of lighting can be used on trees, or add path lighting so people can walk out to a remote area of their landscape, or walk from the driveway to the front door. Low voltage led outdoor lighting is easy to install, has a low energy demands, and will provide year round appeal and functionality to your landscape.

Talk to one of our designers

Our designers will take the time to get to know you and what you are looking for, and will determine how to best incorporate the elements you’re looking for into your unique site conditions. Landscaping is a big part of a homeowner’s total investment in their new home, and it deserves time and thought before it’s installed. If done properly, it can provide decades of enjoyment for the entire family. Visit our landscape design page to learn more about the design process. Download Our Free Amazing Landscape Ideas Book