The process begins when the client contacts our office. We will get an initial idea of your landscape needs and goals, and then set up a design consultation with one of our designers.


The design consultation is one of the most important visits between us and the client. Our landscape designer will visit your site; take time to get to know your sense of style, likes and dislikes, and your landscape goals. This initial visit will allow our team and the client to determine whether our company is a "fit" for their project. Once this decision is reached the Design Phase will begin.


The Design Phase is an exciting part of the process. This is where all ideas, visions, and creative juices are put onto paper in a professionally drawn landscape design. Our designers are some of the most creative around, and have a gift of creating some of the most naturally pleasing environments. Once the design concept is complete it will be presented to the client for revisions and approval.


We are now into the Development Phase where your project will begin to take on life. This is the stage of the project where all of the design work transforms into planning and execution. During this phase you will work closely with your designer and project supervisor in order to maintain a timely install schedule. Once the Development Phase is complete your Outdoor Living has just begun. Enjoy!