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5 Best Shrubs for Residential Landscaping in Colorado Springs

While Colorado Springs possesses some challenging issues when it comes to selecting plants, there are a good number that will thrive in the region. However, all shrubs are not created equal, and there are some that can really contribute more to your landscape. Here are 5 great shrubs to consider adding to your residential landscape design.

Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce:

The Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce is such a wonderful addition to any garden.  This small and well behaved shrub keeps its round shape with minimal pruning. Planting a single Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce in a planting bed makes for an excellent accent planting that stands out throughout the seasons. As an added benefit,  it also hold its silvery blue needles all year long, providing much needed winter interest throughout the colder months.

Diablo Ninebark

The Diablo Ninebark has something to add to your landscape in all four seasons as well. The first thing that pops with this plant is its unique burgundy-red foliage. It also has a very attractive spring bloom featuring large clusters of small, white flowers that really contrast the leaves beautifully. The flowers are also sure to draw in butterflies and hummingbirds. Its name, Ninebark, references its exfoliating bark, which provides interest once its leaves have dropped.

Nanking Cherry

The Nanking Cherry is a very hardy plant well suited to the front range and foothills, handling our planting zone and elevation well. They bloom with a proliferation of white to light pink flowers in spring. During summer, this plant will produce an abundance of edible sweet and tart cherries that many people enjoy eating right off the bush. It’s often a favorite of kids, but not to worry, if you don’t enjoy the fruit, the birds certainly will.

Panchito Manzinita

A Colorado native, if you’re looking for a shrub that will do well in a shaded area, the Panchito Manzinita is a great choice. It also does well on heavily forested lots prevalent in the Black Forest and Pikes Peak area. This low growing, spreading shrub features glossy leaves and is a semi evergreen, meaning its holds its leaves most of the year. It blooms in spring with small, white, urn shaped flowers that then turn to red berries in summer. When the leaves do finally drop, you’ll notice the plants stems are a bright reddish purple.

Pawnee Buttes Sand Cherry

The Pawnee Buttes Sand Cherry is an attractive and hardy groundcover. It’s especially nice planted on top of retaining walls or right in the front of plant beds with taller plants placed behind. It has gray-green foliage, and produces masses of spring flowers that make way for black cherries in the summer that are sure to please the local wildlife. In fall, the foliage turns a showy bright red and purple.

In Conclusion

While there are many shrubs that grow well in Colorado Springs, its always nice to look at plants that are going to be adding something to your landscape throughout the seasons. If your landscape could use a little help making sure it’s looking its best all year, get in touch us today.